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Still Upward… February 8, 2011

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I did it! (I know this is a few days late…) I made my 5-weeks-no-sugared-soda goal!! *doin the happy dance* (still haven’t dropped weight yet…fack).

Anyway, we’re starting a new 5-week goal: From 2/5 to 3/12, we are going to get excercise three days a week, 20 minutes a day. For me, this means Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I go with my friend Lena to the fitness center here in town, and we do a 20-minute walk.

However, I have Zumba class held in the training room of the company I work for on Tuesday nights from 5-6. Bonus–high score!!

The goal is just to do it until 3/12. If I like it, I’ll continue (just like I’m doing with the non-sugared sodas…I’m on day 38 of that one).

Go me…it’s my birthday…
we’re going to party like it’s my birthday…
gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s my birthday,
and you know we don’t give a fuck, is not yo birthday!

Ahhh…I’m working my way slowly out of this funk.

Ms D


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