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Ya know what? Fuck it… February 25, 2011

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I’m such a horrible blobber. I never update, I never let you in on my life anymore, and for that, I’m sorry.

However, there’s some big shit brewin over here in my little slice of the world, and it ain’t pretty. It’s all going to come to a head, and someone’s going to get ugly and someone’s going to get hurt.

J has been one of our best friends for ages. He introduced me to DnD, WoW, good foods, good wines, and some really good friends. He’s recently become single because he discovered that his girlfriend had lied to him. Repeatedly. And got caught.

See, he works with the public, protecting and serving. So when he was told that his girlfriend’s mother was dead, he thought he’d do a good deed by contacting other family members to see if there was something that she could have of her dead mother, lo and behold, her mother’s not dead! On the contrary…she’s been looking for her daughter!!

She got pissed off. Like didn’t want to know anything about what he found.

She was caught in several other lies; the biggest of which is that her father’s not a cocaine drug kingpin like she says. She lied straight to Mr Realist’s face on something (I don’t remember what it was now), and probably to me as well on many small things.

J had had enough. He put a letter where she would be sure to find it (in a pack of more lies), and she returned to the house. She was to pack her stuff and get out (I don’t know time frames, so bear with me). J’s upset because he really liked her.

He finds out that she’s filed a complaint with the department about him abusing his powers and finding her mother. Here’s where I get a bit pissy. If she was telling the truth about her ‘dead’ mother, I would have been overjoyed to know that I had a chance to get to know my mother again. She files a complaint? What the fuck are you covering, bitch? Didn’t like that you got caught in a pretty big fucking lie?

It goes back and forth for a while, and the verdict has come down. Because her manipulative, lying, cunty whore ways, my best friend had to resign from this part of his career.

So, not only did J buy her a laptop computer, a car, and got her mother back, but she took his fucking job away from him? Where do I sign up with a fucking club?

Anyway…she’s FB friends with his ex-fiance…and Mr Realist’s younger brother. What the fuck, Chuck?! Apparently, she searched him out, and she knew exactly who she was getting into a relationship with.

And you all got another think coming if you expect me to be friends with the cunty whore. Huh-uh. No fucking way. Not on her miserable little life.

Here’s the rub: we’re apparently supposed to be happy for Younger Brother Realist because he’s happy? Huh-uh. No fucking way. He’s telling us that we’re supposed to look beyond that she has a past, because everyone does.

So we’re just supposed to look past the fact that she ruined someone else’s life? Wow. Huh-uh. No fucking way. Not on anyone’s miserable life.

Here’s my prediction for this relationship: they’re going to compare pasts – she has Asperger’s; he’s got Middle Child Syndrome, and it will blossom into lies each bigger than the last – my mother’s dead; my dad used to beat me; I’ve got cancer.

She’s supposedly Jewish, and he wants to be a youth minister. Wonder how that’s going to work? 😉 “My god’s better than your god!”

And the fuck if I have to be nice to her. Huh-uh. No fucking way. God himself would have a hard time convincing me to be nice. Ain’t gonna happen.

I’m done being nice. And I’m choosing my side.

And no offense to anyone out there, but NO ONE is that fucking clueless. It’s just not possible. 2 + 2 = 4. The sky is blue. And cows go Moo.

Fuck really? I’m dumbfounded, flabbergasted, and gobsmacked, all in the same sentence.

Which I thought THAT was never possible.

Apparently, it is!

Heepwah, and be safe out there.

Ms D


3 Responses to “Ya know what? Fuck it…”

  1. ahelmic6 Says:


    I’ve been talking to J whenever I can catch him online. And it sucks that he’s going through a really rough patch. This is the first time I’ve heard a mostly complete story of whats going on. I try not to ask J about what happened unless he brings it up first, because I’d feel as though I was overstepping my bounds.

    As far as Younger Brother Realist and the girl go, I definitely do not approve of the relationship. Even if you’re ex-friends, you still shouldn’t date an ex-girlfriend. I wonder if he really thought it through completely…

    I definitely cannot see this ending well 😦

    • Ms Dreamer Says:

      J would tell you if you did ask.
      No one but he and she approve of this relationship! This makes ex #2 that YBR has gone after. And I’ve asked my guy friends about the “guy code” – not a single one of them would do this, no matter how trampy she is and how much she’d put out.

      He didn’t, and it will come back to bite him on the ass. Watch it come down to YBR losing his job or something over her. And I’m the kind of person who rubs an “I told you so” right in someone’s face. I’ve done it to my blood sister more than once!

      • ahelmic6 Says:

        I wonder if this is what she was wanting…everyone pissed off and hating YBR.

        Regardless of whatever is going through her mind, I still can’t understand why people do shit like this.

        But sadly, it seems like YBR is only taking her side as truth, and ignoring everything else.

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