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Blogging A-Z: G April 8, 2011

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*** Warning: this deals with some pretty outspoken ideas for some people’s sensitivity. If you’re offended, I’m just telling you my thoughts. And I’m not sorry. ***

There are several things that I could think of that start with G for Thursday’s postie (I’ll still do H for today as well).

But this one is a big one in today’s world.

Not just gay, but gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, whatever. It’s all lumped into the ‘Gay’ category.

And I have no problems with someone who is gay simply because they’re gay.

I know it’s a big hot button based on beliefs and religion and social pressures, but how can you tell someone who has always known – and I’m talking from the time they start really noticing members of the opposite sex (not the cute first-grade ‘I have a boyfriend’ stuff) – that someone of their own sex is more appealing. Jane “should” like John, but Sue is more physically appealing to her. I don’t mean from the “jealous because she has prettier hair/clothes/whatever than me so I’ll hang out with her awesome by association” appealing, but the “I want to kiss her” appealing.

How can you say that it’s a choice? To shun someone because they’re different than you because of how they feel inside? That “the Devil caused you to feel this way” so you don’t want to be around them? To belittle and ridicule someone – aren’t you just a little bit different than everyone else? Why should sexual orientation be any different?

I like the soft rain on my face, and you don’t – does that mean we can’t be friends?
Feet don’t bother me, but they freak you out – am I less of a person?
You don’t like the same music as I do – am I evil?

Nope. Sorry.

If God made us all in his own image, and we’re all different…what does that tell you?

LDs, hypothetical question – what if I were to tell you that I were bisexual? Would you stop being my friend? Would you tell me I’m going to hell, that we couldn’t be friends, would you question the fact that I’m married and I couldn’t be bi? Your call.

Ms D.


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