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Blogging A-Z: I April 10, 2011

Filed under: Blogging A-Z — Ms Dreamer @ 9:18 am

I…I…I can’t think of a damned thing to put for I.

~Mr Realist wants a soft serve ice cream machine whenever we build our own house. WTH? Sweetie, I’m Chunky Monkey enough as it is, I really don’t need soft serve at my beck and call.

~It’s incredibly nice out, and has been all weekend. We’re going to a fundraiser in Collinsville today for a friend – her mom has cancer and it’s for that.

~Don’t get me wrong, I do love Mr Realist dearly; sometimes, I just need some independent time – ya know, time for me or me and the girls. We’re planning a mock bachelorette party here in June for a bunch of us to have an excuse to go down to the landing and make fools of ourselves. Wanna come?

Yeah…that’s all I got. Sorry. Maybe J will be better. 🙂

Ms D


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