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Blogging A-Z: L April 13, 2011

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Today is L.
L for love…or like…or lust, loathe, laundry, lay. Whatever L word is yours today.

Mine’s the List.

O, come on…like you and your significant other don’t have The List.

You know, the one that’s just celebrities that you’ll never in a million years get to have sex with but you can dream about it list?

Yes, THAT List!


David Boreanaz.
You’re too fucking hot for your own good. Suits and ties…and that damned “Cocky” belt buckle. Can I have it? On my bedroom floor?

David Beckham.
I don’t give a tin shit that he’s married to Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story (although she’s really pretty). He’s a soccer player, and they drive me up the proverbial wall. Besides, he could be reading stereo instructions, and I’d be a puddle of goo.

Ryan Reynolds.
I’ve been in lust with him for-freaking-ever…beginning with Van Wilder. Just…wow.

These are just the top three, LDs. There are more.


But I’m an equal opportunity Lister. I have girls on my list as well.

Jessica Simpson.
She’s real. She’s curvy and beautiful, and she makes me feel good. If we were friends, I’m sure she’d sit around and drink beer with me.
Reese Witherspoon.
She’s just too cute. I love her in movies. She’s always a normal character…yes, even in Legally Blonde.

Jennifer Aniston.
Brad…dear Brad Pitt. Why, o why, did you ever fuck this up? You are a complete tool.


There is one girl that I didn’t put up here…because if gets crossed off of the list, then I get to have her husband at the same time. She’s talented and normal, he’s funny and attractive.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

Ms D


**All pictures are from Googleing “name image.” None of them are mine.


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