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Blogging A-Z: M April 15, 2011

Filed under: Blogging A-Z — Ms Dreamer @ 10:19 pm

Sorry, LDs. Last night was our last night of winter darts. Whilst we lost 9-7, we had a good time.

Besides, I think I get to go on a mini vacation this July without Mr Realist!

Anyway…I’m doing both M & N today.

As in ME.

as is me on St. Patrick's Day

Yeah…that’s me. In all my goony glory. On St. Patrick’s Day.

I never know what you want to know.

So you ask me the questions. Email me at dreamerandrealist@gmail.com, and I’ll answer them all.

Submitting a question will get you in a drawing to win a hand-knitted washcloth by me. I know…I’m totally prostituing myself out to get people to comment or respond…or something! I know there’ s a couple of you that read but don’t follow-follow.

So…what do you want to know? And no question is off-limits.

Ms D.


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