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Blogging A-Z: O April 19, 2011

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Sorry for not doing this on Saturday. Neighbors and Mr Realist and I went shopping in Springfield and had a great day. So…Onward!

O. As in O fuck what do I write about. So I put it out there for my Facebookies to reply to. And I wait…

And AMANDA comes through! Obstacles.

I hit obstacles every day, LDs.

The obstacle to get out of bed instead of snuggling with MR.

The obstacle to decide what to wear to work…because it’s ever so hard to pull out a plain tee, jeans, and shoes that look nice; I’m not a collar-wearer very often.

Obstacles that prevent me from carrying a paintball pistol and shooting the cars of stupid drivers who can’t use turn signals or obey the rules of the road.

Obstacles in keeping me focused on doing my work.

Like right now. Someone’s brewing some shit that doesn’t need to be brewed. Even though I don’t have kids, I’m like Mama Bear when it comes to her friends. Don’t fuck with them, and I won’t fuck you up.


Ms D


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