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Blogging A-Z: P April 19, 2011

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You know. Multiples of something.

Like words.

* image borrowed from esl-students.com*

For instance, the plural of deer is still deer, and goose is geese, but why isn’t moose…meese? Saying ‘deers’ and meaning it just makes you kind of dumb.

Fish can be either fish or fishes.

But the plural of octopus isn’t octopusses. It’s octopi
Same with platypus. Not platypusses…platypi.

So doesn’t that lead that the plural of penis isn’t penises, but penii?
And pussy (cat…but you can take that however you’d like) wouldn’t be pussies, but pussi?

And we wonder why English is so hard to learn as a second language…

Yeah. It’s one of those days! 🙂

Ms D


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