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Blogging A-Z: Q April 20, 2011

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LDs, the letter for Tuesday is Q. I’ll do R (Wednesday’s letter) at lunch.

* from homeaway dot com via Google *

Something that I can be: quiet. (ye gods and holy fishes!)

I know, right?

But some days there’s nothing I love more than a silent house where I can sit in a comfy spot with a stack of books and a snack and something to drink, and the only sound is of my chewing and the turn of pages. I remember summers at Oma Dreamer’s where you might find me in a corner of the kitchen, in front of the air conditioner, on an old wooden stool, wrapped in a blanket with my snack and a couple of books or coloring books strewn all over the deep freeze, and I’d sit there for hours while Oma cleaned strawberries or peaches or apples or blackberries or made a cake; each of us working in our own element at peace.

Man, I miss those days. Since I’m off on Friday for Good Friday, I’m going to see if Oma wants to go with me to the SA in Edwardsville, just so I can spend the day with her. I loves my Oma.

Ms D


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