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Blogging A-Z: R April 24, 2011

Filed under: Blogging A-Z — Ms Dreamer @ 7:00 pm

I’m such a lame-o. I’ve been busy, so I’ve neglected you, my LDs. My most humble apologies.

R. Right.

You may ask why I call my husband Mr Realist. Because he is one.

Ya see, I am Ms Dreamer. I still wish for playground rules; he plays by his own because that’s what everyone else does.

I want the world to be fair, always knowing that it will never be; he accepts it for being unfair.

I like to see things with color and shades and personality; he sees most things in black and white (not because he’s color-blind…)

I dream of things that could be or should be; he sees things as they are.

And I love him for it.

Ms D


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