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Blogging A-Z: U April 24, 2011

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You thought that me, of all people, would pick Unique as the U word of the day.

Nope. Sorry fuckers! *roflmao*

I used to love unicorns. They were something that would have allowed me to be free to be myself. I used to color pictures like this all the time. Loved. It.

Wanted a winged one (an alicorn…or, according to Pliny, an Aethiopian Pegasi). Never got one. (boo)

They were just so majestic. When I rode horses, I’d often imagine a horn growing from his head and we’d fly off somewhere together to have fun.

Don’t get me wrong: I still love the unicorns. A couple of years ago, I found a book at a rummage sale called “A Glory of Unicorns” that was edited by Bruce Coville. Isn’t that just a great term for a group of unicorns? A Glory? Better than a murder of crows….

And not all of these stories are light and fluffy. Some of them get downright dark.

But I liken unicorns to dragons. They do exist.

For some of us lucky enough.

Ms D


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