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Blogging A-Z: W April 26, 2011

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O yes, LDs. I’m going there.


He he he. What are your thoughts on Charlie Sheen?
Does he really have Adonis DNA (um, maybe used to when he was younger and much hotter)?
Do you think he has Tiger Blood running through his veins (probably not).

Do you think he’s #winning?

No. Right now, he’s a massive train-wreck waiting to happen. And when it does, I might actually laugh.

I don’t feel sorry for celebutards who fuck up their lives: doing coke or whatever other drugs, alcohol, sex…all simply because “they can.” We as consumers allow them to do what they want, when they want.

Take a look at La Lohan. Bitch please. You need to keep your klepto ass at home so you don’t steal any more of people’s shit; stay in rehab to stay off the drugs and booze; and get a fucking acting job. I probably do actually have more talent than you, I just didn’t have the “great parents” you did. I think if Michael and Dina Lohan were my parents, I would have divorced them years ago. You were fabulous when you weren’t all cracked the fuck out.

And yet, we allow them to do what they do.

There are the true #winning stars: anyone who stays in the spotlight for their acting chops and NOT their panty-flashing, drug-abusing, whoring celebutard self.

Of course, if they were all like that, there wouldn’t be tabloid fodder. They’d just make up some other shit.

I’m #winning. Are you? 😉

Ms D


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