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Blogging A-Z: S April 24, 2011

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LDs, I want to be a princess.

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I think it would be fun. The reason that I chose S isn’t for Princess (um, like, duh…).

But for my name. The moniker that Mumsy saddled me with at birth.


It’s of Greek origin (no smartass comments, please).

It means “the crowned one.” It’s the feminine form of Stephen.

Mumsy often called me Stevie when I was just a wee babe.

Of course, she almost named me Raven Montana. Really? Yeah.

Hey, if I was a boy, I’d have been Clinton Wayne for her two favorite heroes: Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.

I’m still a fucking princess, though.

Ms D


Blogging A-Z: R

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I’m such a lame-o. I’ve been busy, so I’ve neglected you, my LDs. My most humble apologies.

R. Right.

You may ask why I call my husband Mr Realist. Because he is one.

Ya see, I am Ms Dreamer. I still wish for playground rules; he plays by his own because that’s what everyone else does.

I want the world to be fair, always knowing that it will never be; he accepts it for being unfair.

I like to see things with color and shades and personality; he sees most things in black and white (not because he’s color-blind…)

I dream of things that could be or should be; he sees things as they are.

And I love him for it.

Ms D


Blogging A-Z: Q April 20, 2011

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LDs, the letter for Tuesday is Q. I’ll do R (Wednesday’s letter) at lunch.

* from homeaway dot com via Google *

Something that I can be: quiet. (ye gods and holy fishes!)

I know, right?

But some days there’s nothing I love more than a silent house where I can sit in a comfy spot with a stack of books and a snack and something to drink, and the only sound is of my chewing and the turn of pages. I remember summers at Oma Dreamer’s where you might find me in a corner of the kitchen, in front of the air conditioner, on an old wooden stool, wrapped in a blanket with my snack and a couple of books or coloring books strewn all over the deep freeze, and I’d sit there for hours while Oma cleaned strawberries or peaches or apples or blackberries or made a cake; each of us working in our own element at peace.

Man, I miss those days. Since I’m off on Friday for Good Friday, I’m going to see if Oma wants to go with me to the SA in Edwardsville, just so I can spend the day with her. I loves my Oma.

Ms D


Blogging A-Z: P April 19, 2011

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You know. Multiples of something.

Like words.

* image borrowed from esl-students.com*

For instance, the plural of deer is still deer, and goose is geese, but why isn’t moose…meese? Saying ‘deers’ and meaning it just makes you kind of dumb.

Fish can be either fish or fishes.

But the plural of octopus isn’t octopusses. It’s octopi
Same with platypus. Not platypusses…platypi.

So doesn’t that lead that the plural of penis isn’t penises, but penii?
And pussy (cat…but you can take that however you’d like) wouldn’t be pussies, but pussi?

And we wonder why English is so hard to learn as a second language…

Yeah. It’s one of those days! 🙂

Ms D


Blogging A-Z: O

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Sorry for not doing this on Saturday. Neighbors and Mr Realist and I went shopping in Springfield and had a great day. So…Onward!

O. As in O fuck what do I write about. So I put it out there for my Facebookies to reply to. And I wait…

And AMANDA comes through! Obstacles.

I hit obstacles every day, LDs.

The obstacle to get out of bed instead of snuggling with MR.

The obstacle to decide what to wear to work…because it’s ever so hard to pull out a plain tee, jeans, and shoes that look nice; I’m not a collar-wearer very often.

Obstacles that prevent me from carrying a paintball pistol and shooting the cars of stupid drivers who can’t use turn signals or obey the rules of the road.

Obstacles in keeping me focused on doing my work.

Like right now. Someone’s brewing some shit that doesn’t need to be brewed. Even though I don’t have kids, I’m like Mama Bear when it comes to her friends. Don’t fuck with them, and I won’t fuck you up.


Ms D


Blogging A-Z: N April 15, 2011

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Well, at least I’ve made it halfway, right? 🙂


She might be normal… 🙂

What is normal, anyway? Everyone has this twisted idea of what is normal and what is not.

Is normal a mother, father, 2.5 children, a house on a cul-de-sac, and a dog? Fine. There are very few people in this world who are perfectly normal.

I’m perfectly normal for who I am.
I try not to bullshit unless I’m being funny (which happens more unintentionally than not).
I like sunshine and dirt and worms and flowers.
I like rainbows.
I lust after parchement and pencils and crayons and markers; notebooks are a weakness.
If it weren’t for the buggies crawling on me, I’d sleep in the grass like my dogs do. But I’m not a complete hippie. I like showers and clean sheets and laundry and brushing my teeth with store-bought toothpaste, and I like my house, even though there’s a metric fuck-ton of shit in it that I don’t look at.
I like fun clothes and funky jewelry. If I could find my size more often, I’d shop in thrift stores all. the. time.
I dance to my own music. It’s normally a discombobulation of all kinds of tunes.

By the way, you’re perfectly normal for who you are.

And so are the rest of us.

Ms D


Blogging A-Z: M

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Sorry, LDs. Last night was our last night of winter darts. Whilst we lost 9-7, we had a good time.

Besides, I think I get to go on a mini vacation this July without Mr Realist!

Anyway…I’m doing both M & N today.

As in ME.

as is me on St. Patrick's Day

Yeah…that’s me. In all my goony glory. On St. Patrick’s Day.

I never know what you want to know.

So you ask me the questions. Email me at dreamerandrealist@gmail.com, and I’ll answer them all.

Submitting a question will get you in a drawing to win a hand-knitted washcloth by me. I know…I’m totally prostituing myself out to get people to comment or respond…or something! I know there’ s a couple of you that read but don’t follow-follow.

So…what do you want to know? And no question is off-limits.

Ms D.